About our sponsors

Digital Genius hero

The Digital Genius race team is one part of the Digital Genius student programme run by Apple Education Experts Solutions inc. Where students become heroes!

Solutions inc. have invited some of the World’s best technology brands to support our race team.

Sponsorship money goes towards the costs of equipment. We are always looking for new sponsors to join us as there is always more we need to buy to improve our chances of winning a trophy. We want our team to have the most supporters. We welcome any offer of financial support no matter how small. Every penny counts.

What do sponsors get?

Most importantly our sponsors get our gratitude and respect. Without their help we’d be a less visible and therefore less successful team. We share all our photos and invite sponsors to join us at the annual Greenpower International Finals as VIPs where Solutions inc. staff and Digital Genius race team members offer paddock hospitality  Digital Genius style!


Sponsors logos are clearly displayed on our car & race suits. And in case you were wondering, we’re the coolest team out there. We can also arrange for our car to feature as part of your AGM or corporate event. You might even get to meet a driver!


Netgear Logo Spot

Netgear are a global network connectivity brand that make internet routers (the box at home that connects you to the internet) and network switches (bigger boxes that connect lots of computers on a network). Netgear are global leaders in this kind of technology. Chances are that you have already used a Netgear product.

Thanks for your support Netgear.


Meru networks make advanced WiFi (wireless) access points. Hotels, arenas and schools often require multiple Meru access points that work together thanks to a central Meru controller (this is similar to a network switch).  High densities of mobile devices such as iPad & iPhones can all join the same network and connect to the internet using Meru network technology. Meru networks are a global leader in the provision of wireless technology for schools, colleges and universities here in the UK as well as the USA and pretty much everywhere else.

Thanks for your support Meru..

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