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Solutions IncDigital Geniusday with Hurstpierpoint CollegeWelcome to the Digital Genius race team. We’re a bunch of student from different UK schools designing, building and racing electric single seater race cars. We compete in the Greenpower F24 international challenge with guidance and financial support from team owners & Apple Education Experts Solutions inc.


We are a team made up of boys and girls (aged 11-16). We use technology whenever we can to develop every aspect of our team and car. We have a media team that film interviews trackside and edit them for publication on Youtube. At last years finals we even turned the tables on the Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury.

This year we are expanding our capabilities by introducing new quadcopter flying drones that are equipped with a full HD resolution camera. We fly the drones using an iPhone or iPad that show a cockpit view on screen.  You control the flightpath simply by tilting the iPad.

Pilot training starts soon as drones can be tricky to fly. We hope to have some pretty spectacular aerial movies of our car on track in the coming months.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 15.30.14

Our Technical Genius team members are focused on developing the best product for our Race Genius team members. We design new, higher performance, lighter, quieter, more aerodynamic components.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 15.40.32

Thanks to Solutions inc, we have access to MakerBot replicator 3D printers. Students can work alongside John Parvin to create new designs in CAD programmes and then test their design in the real world. One of our goals is to make as many parts of the car using 3D printers as possible.




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