Who are we?



Digital Genius is a student led development. As a team we get trained to do different things. These things can be to do with apple products or even just general technology! This enables us to be able to troubleshoot iPads, iMacs etc. As a team we get all of our training in Hove (West Sussex) at a place called Solutions inc. Digital Genius is a development for around the UK, therefore there are different schools around the UK that have got this great privilege of being a Digital Genius. This enables students across the UK to release there potential and show there amazing and possibly hidden talents.

Goodwood Test Day

SolutionsInc_GnPwr_075_JHOpen to IET Formula 24, the Digital Genius formula for students (aged 11-16), this  is the ideal time to get in some early season track time.

We aim to give all those students wanting to drive the opportunity to do so. We will issue drivers with the required safety equipment (race overalls, balaclava and helmet) on the day.

In addition to driving the car we will asking attendees to assist us as pit crew members and as iPad journalists, interviewing other teams.

Goodwood Motor Circuit, Sunday 19th April

The timetable of the event will be:
– 0900hrs – Teams Arrive and Sign On
– 0930hrs – Scrutineering Opens
– 0950hrs – Team Briefing
– 1000-1230 – Track Session Testing 1
– 1230-1300 – Lunch Break
– 1300-1500 – Track Session Testing 2

Computer Aided Design

The best way to get started with designing new components for our car is to use a CAD app. 123D Design is a free app available for iPad, Mac & Windows. It is better featured on the Mac than iPad. I have not used the Windows version. 123D design is made by Autodesk – a World leader in CAD software.

Learning 3D skills with CAD is an excellent way to prepare for a career in architecture, engineering, product design, aerospace, motorsport & fashion. With the rapid growth of 3D printing, the demand for individuals with 3D skills is certainly set to increase.

Why not try and create your own steering wheel. Here’s one I made earlier – as an example.


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 14.37.36

Car chassis

I made this illustration showing the side of the car chassis. The drawing is 1:10 scale (so 1mm on the drawing =10mm full size).

This drawing (Adobe illustrator on Mac) helps us to understand where body panels might best be attached to the chassis and the size of each panel.  The circles with crosses in represent the centre of the wheels.

Race car panels

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 15.57.10

Test Day

On Sunday 19th April 2015, there will be a Test Day for the race cars at Goodwood Motor circuit. Hurst College, The Eastbourne Academy, Stem Sussex and other schools will be there to test our cars. The Test Day will begin at 9:00am and will end at 4:00pm. Don’t forget to get your tickets from here. Make sure you will be there, we will have loads of fun!image

Race Helmets

To drive our race car everyone must wear a helmet over a balaclava. We received our first ones today. A super cool looking matt black full face helmet.


Students will be provided a suitable race helmet & balaclava to wear at each race event.  Please make sure you look after any helmet you are provided.  We will be checking to ensure the helmet has not been damaged when you hand it back.


Let us know what you think. Please post a comment below.

Blank race suits arrive

We received our new blank race suits today. Naturally we tried them on for size and a photo opportunity. Pictured here (left to right) is Warren Welford, Gemma Heath & John Parvin. Standing outside Solutions inc. HQ.


Next task is to take a suit to a company that specialises in bespoke embroidery. First we watched a Youtube video of how RedBull racing add decals and logos to their race suits. They use embroidery, so will we. Dan Carboni (marketing manager, Solutions inc.) set off at lunch time today to visit the embroidery company in Shoreham to ask their advice.

Logos and decal designs are first prepared on a Mac computer using  Adobe Illustrator software. Computer controlled embroidery machines will  then take the designs and apply them directly to the race suits using a mix of colour cotton spools that allow for complex colour designs. Unlike printing onto the suits using a  silk screen printing process, which is how most T-shirts are printed, embroidery is sewn into to the suit and the design will not rub or wash off over time.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.54.01




Race Suit Design

We have now ordered our team race suits & helmets for student members to wear trackside. Following negotiations with key suppliers to Solutions inc. we now have some sponsors.

Here is a preliminary design showing the various logos in suggested positions (done in Photoshop on Mac).