Goodwood Motor Circuit


Above is an aerial photo of Goodwood motor circuit. Below is a link to a video showing a Mercedes F1 car doing a fast lap of Goodwood motor Circuit in a time well below 1 min 30 secs.

I’m guessing it will take us a lot longer in our F24 electric car. The car will be fitted with an electronic transponder to measure lap times.

Watch video

Bodywork update

Creating  aerodynamic body panels for our Digital Genius F24 race car is now underway. We used the shape conceived by students from Eastbourne Academy and Hurst College with modelling foam before starting on the individual panels.

Aluminium is a light weight metal. Much lighter than steel. We chose thin sheets of aluminium as these can be more easily bent into shape.  Each flat aluminium panel was cut to size by our metal supplier. They come coated in a thin green coloured protection film that we will remove later.


Placing an aluminium panel on the chassis we check it is the right size. We then temporarily clamp the panel in place, so that it does not move, while we mark out lines to indicate where the panel needs to bend.


Bending thin aluminium sheet panels does not require any complex machinery. We lay the panel on one wood pallet and place another on top where the edge of the pallet lies along the marked line. We bend the panels using our own strength being careful to make sure we are bending along the marked line. (You should where gloves for this).


Some of the panels require more preparation as we need to cutout sections before we do any bending. We use a cardboard template so we can check the fit. Once we are happy with the template we can transfer the details onto the panel.

IMG_2425We lay the cardboard template on top of the panel and double check we have it correctly placed. The top edge of our template should match the top edge of the panel. We run a pen around the holes and transfer them on to the panel.


To cut the panel we first drill small holes in the corner of each cutout section. These small holes need to be big enough to insert the Jigsaw blade. We then cut the remaining shape using the Jigsaw. We use a blade designed to cut metal. Normal wood cutting blades will not do.IMG_2436It takes a few minutes to cut each hole in turn. Once we have cut out all the sections, we check our work, placing the panel back on the chassis. Everything looks good. All the holes are in the right places. Now we can start bending this panel too.


Currently we divided the body into five panels. Two for each side of the car plus a bonnet. We chose five because it is always best for the panels to meet at the chassis structural members. It is also easiest if each panel is not too large to handle/fit/remove.


Goodwood Test Day

SolutionsInc_GnPwr_075_JHOpen to IET Formula 24, the Digital Genius formula for students (aged 11-16), this  is the ideal time to get in some early season track time.

We aim to give all those students wanting to drive the opportunity to do so. We will issue drivers with the required safety equipment (race overalls, balaclava and helmet) on the day.

In addition to driving the car we will asking attendees to assist us as pit crew members and as iPad journalists, interviewing other teams.

Goodwood Motor Circuit, Sunday 19th April

The timetable of the event will be:
– 0900hrs – Teams Arrive and Sign On
– 0930hrs – Scrutineering Opens
– 0950hrs – Team Briefing
– 1000-1230 – Track Session Testing 1
– 1230-1300 – Lunch Break
– 1300-1500 – Track Session Testing 2

Computer Aided Design

The best way to get started with designing new components for our car is to use a CAD app. 123D Design is a free app available for iPad, Mac & Windows. It is better featured on the Mac than iPad. I have not used the Windows version. 123D design is made by Autodesk – a World leader in CAD software.

Learning 3D skills with CAD is an excellent way to prepare for a career in architecture, engineering, product design, aerospace, motorsport & fashion. With the rapid growth of 3D printing, the demand for individuals with 3D skills is certainly set to increase.

Why not try and create your own steering wheel. Here’s one I made earlier – as an example.


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 14.37.36

Race Helmets

To drive our race car everyone must wear a helmet over a balaclava. We received our first ones today. A super cool looking matt black full face helmet.


Students will be provided a suitable race helmet & balaclava to wear at each race event.  Please make sure you look after any helmet you are provided.  We will be checking to ensure the helmet has not been damaged when you hand it back.


Let us know what you think. Please post a comment below.

The Eastbourne Academy visit Hurst College

Students from The Eastbourne Academy recently visited Hurst College to see the progress their students have made on the race car so far. After a very warm welcome and tea from Hurst, everyone helped to shape the car by sanding down the foam body, adjusted the brakes and steering, took measurements and even got to have a test drive!

IMG_0057IMG_0059IMG_0060 IMG_0061 IMG_0062